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その後2018年1月22日付けでモーリシャス政府よりGOVERNMENT NOTICE(GN254 OF 2017)の公布がありました。これに基づき日本中古車組合は2018年1月29日より証明書発行業務を開始しました。



Procedure Regarding the Issuance of Auction Sheet Certification

The Mauritius government required that Japanese auction sheets for each vehicle be submitted along with an application for an import permit. However, the rampant circulation and submission of falsified and illegally altered (tampered) Japanese auction sheets have resulted in a serious matter affecting consumer trust and confidence with importers of Japanese used motor vehicles in Mauritius.

Thereafter, effective Jan. 22, 2018, the Mauritius government officially enacted Government Notice (GN 254 of 2017).  Based thereon, commencing on January 29, 2018, JUMVEA began the issuance of Authenticity .Certificate of Untampered Auction Sheet.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation regarding this matter.

Exports to Mauritius

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